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Squash It UK has been a retailer of sports and fitness equipment for over 20 years and up until recently has been trading from our Club Pro Shop at Cleaver Squash & Fitness. Squash It UK offers an online retail outlet alongside a face to face service, with try before you buy giving customers a chance to test out the racket ranges at Cleaver Squash and Fitness. For online customers, Squash It UK offer a 10 day trial option.

The Team


Andy Pallett

Founder and Director of Squash It UK has had a squash career spanning more than 40 Years and has been a professional squash and Racketball Coach for over 20 years. Andy started Squash It UK in 2000 when he became owner and Managing Director of Cleaver Squash Club , selling Rackets, clothing and accessories as well as a restringing service from the Pro Shop.

Luke Jones

Our Marketing & Digital Manager, Luke looks after all of the website and digital activity for Squash It UK. Luke has over 10 years in the marketing and digital world and has also been playing squash for over 5 years.

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