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All purchases are covered by our 14 day exchange or refund promise.

Returns should be sent to:

SQUASH IT UK – Returns
Cleaver Squash & Fitness
Weddington Road
CV10 0AL

Returns can only be accepted in original packaging/ unworn/ with labels or shoe tags still attached within 30 days of receipt of order. Please enclose your order number, proof of purchase and your full contact details.

We cannot accept any used rackets back as we are unable to resell used products. We recommend any unwanted but used items are resold by the customer using a third party such as ebay. Any rackets which have been used or where the wrapper has been removed from the handle will be returned to you as we cannot sell such products as new as it is not fair on our valued customers to whom we work hard to supply a high quality product.

Customers are responsible for the cost of returning any unwanted items to us unless the item is faulty or has been sent in error (see below). 

Warranty claims

We receive a small number of returns each week and our team work hard to resolve any issues with faulty products as quickly as possible, please be aware that there are very specific conditions regarding racket returns as outlined below.

Any rackets which are returned but which are outside of the guidelines for a warranty claim will be returned to you as whilst we work extremely hard at customer service we can only replace products which are genuinely covered by warranty.

The 'life' of any racket will depend on the playing standard and style of an individual user. All our suppliers reserve the right to accept, under warranty, only those rackets considered damaged arising from normal conditions of play for a period of one year from date of purchase. They will replace (at the company’s discretion), any frame found to be defective with proof of purchase within the warranty period. This policy does not apply to any defect caused by negligence, abuse or misuse of the product. In addition, none of the brands offer any form of warranty in relation to string breakage or wear.

Here are the manufacturers' guidelines in respect or racket replacement:


Frame crack without excessive wear

Diagonal frame cracking, in any area of the frame that has little or no associated visible wear associated is generally a result of a manufacturing defect. Frame cracking with no visible wear is covered under the Warranty Policy.

RESULT: Damaged Racket will be replaced.


Racket Handle or Shaft damage

All racket handles (excluding grip wear) or shaft breakages that have no impact evidence or excessive wear associated to them are generally considered to result from manufacturing defects. Racket handle and shaft breakages are covered under the warranty.

RESULT: Damaged Racket will be replaced.


String Pull-Through

A collapse of the racket head between string holes - as a result of the string ‘pulling through’ the frame – are generally the result of a manufacturing defect. String pull-through is covered under warranty.

RESULT: Damaged Racket will be replaced.



Impact damage

Cracks or fractures on any part of the frame that are accompanied by dents, scratches or flat spots will be considered as caused by a strong impact on the ground or a sharp corner and are therefore deemed as a result of racket abuse. Racket abuse is not covered by warranty.

RESULT: Damaged Racket will not be replaced.


Excessive wear

In general terms, breakages resulting from manufacturing defects occur within the early period of racket use. Breakages resulting after longer term use and characterised by excessive wearing of the paint or frame are considered as normal use with regard to the ‘life’ of the racket. Bumper and grommet strips are made of high quality Nylon materials and are subject to wear. These can be replaced by local specialist dealers and are not covered by warranty. Excessive wear is not covered by warranty.

RESULT: Damaged Racket will not be replaced.

String/grommet Breakage

The brands do not offer any form of warranty on string wear or breakage or snapped grommets. 

RESULT: Damaged rackets will not be replaced.


Multiple cracks

In general terms, manufacturing defects result in a single frame crack or fracture. Multiple frame cracks are almost always the result of racket misuse and abuse. Multiple frame cracks are not covered by warranty.

RESULT: Damaged Racket will not be replaced.

Improper Stringing

Damage caused to the racquet frame resulting from improper re-stringing or improper mounting of the racquet in the machine or damaged caused by the clamps slipping during the stringing process are all characterised by frame cracking, paint chipping or paint scratching on the inside of the racket hoop. The brands recommends that rackets are always strung by certified stringing professionals at specialised dealers. Improper stringing is not covered by warranty.

RESULT: Damaged Racket will not be replaced.

Racket Butt Cap

The racket butt cap is generally stapled to the racquet handle. On occasions, butt caps can become lose or detached. This issue can be easily and quickly repaired by removing the grip and either stapling or gluing the butt cap on to the handle. Loose racket butt caps are not covered by warranty.

RESULT: Damaged rackets will not be replaced.

This policy does not affect your statutory rights.

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